What Should I do With All These Baby Food Jars?

When you have a baby, you are bound to have the baby food jars.

What you do with them after your little darling shows you what they will and will not tolerate is nearly unlimited! Here are some of my favorites.

Baby Shower:

This was a conglamorate of “pinspiration” and two friends throwing a couple of unrelated whims together last minute with zero planning.

Paint lids.

Add candy in different hues of blue.

Little cars: perfect, of course, for a baby boy shower. The fact that we had no idea what to do with them could hardly stand in the way of such a practical purchase. It was a few hours before ‘Go Time’ that we suddenly had the brilliance to place them on top of the jars!

baby food jars with blue candy

Home Office:

Paint the lids a neutral color so as not to be a visual distraction in your work space. They are quite handy for neatly storing thumb tacks, push pins, paper clips, and other tiny goodies. The you can place them all together, or place each jar where the contents are most handy. The clear glass saves seconds every time you look for one of these necessary items. Seconds count in my world!

Garage Sale:

I was determined to do an amazing transformation on my kitchen to prepare for a fundraiser garage sale we were going to host. It would result in practically empty cabinets that would positively sparkle with a wipe-down!

One darkened silicone muffin pan and one hippo-shaped cake pan went outside to the sale.

If you’re as bad at I am at letting things go, you may find comfort in this post on my version of minimalism.

However, as I was looking over the baby food jar collection in one packed cabinet, I did come up with a fun idea to set out for a garage sale. As most garage sales are held in warmer weather, this is a delightful cold treat. Grab a package of cookies and crumble them in the bottom of the baby food jars. Mix in a spoonful of melted butter. Add a thick layer of pudding, then top with whipped topping. Make a large sign with a cute picture (or actual picture printed, then keep them in a fridge or cooler until purchased.

cocoa powder in jar

Quick Snack:

Reward yourself! You can think of sweet treats as well, but for now I’ll focus on the idea of having healthy options when the urge to graze hits. Fill a cute little jar with yogurt, granola and/or berries. Save a few handfuls of trail mix aside for next time. I like to fill a few with diced fruit, in the limited category: What My Child Will Eat. That one makes us both happy. They get to snack when they feel like it, and I know they are eating something I approve.

Feel free to share pictures of your repurposed baby food jars and clever ideas in the comments!

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