Are You Watching the Total Eclipse of the …

… “Heart” still comes to mind even when the Solar Eclipse is just days away. I’m truly a product of feely music lyrics.

Are you watching the solar eclipse on August 21st? It’s exciting that I’ll share the experience with my two youngest children, and perhaps we will put on a last minute Eclipse Party with friends! Who can resist when you can buy 10/packs of eclipse glasses in 5 different patterns?! Share the cost with others and it beats buying single pairs at the local discount store hands down!

Though the totality of the solar eclipse is a bit North of us, we will see approximately a 96% totality. Good enough! I’m not quite willing to brave what might become of the roads along the 100% totality areas. The cost of adequate food supplies to quiet the wild things in the van is scary, and who’s designated to install a port-a-potty every mile?

If you’re concerned about expenditures for a one-time event, here’s an idea. Do you have an aspiring welder in the family?  Maybe a student taking welding classes in the near future? Welding goggles can be used for looking at the eclipse! Now there’s a good investment you can reuse or sell later.

Whatever you do on August 21st, take just a few minutes to think through safety to make a positive, memorable day!


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16 thoughts on “Are You Watching the Total Eclipse of the …

  1. Amanda

    I really want to drive down to St. Louis where my family lives for the solar eclipse!! I’m not sure if I can yet but I already have my glasses! Enjoy that cool experience with your kids!

    1. CupIsHalfFull Post author

      We are a little certain too! We are debating whether or not to stay with family on an extended weekend, or drive back home; our travel plans all depend on where the highest totality point is between the homes! (a little excited here)

  2. Alli Ceschini

    We are in Eugene Oregon and are about 30 miles out of the path of totality. They are expecting a couple million visitors to be in our general area. I have told my employees to work from home (I know not everyone has that option) and to take the time to enjoy the event with their family and friends.

  3. Emily Walk

    I’m 2.5 hours north of Carbondale, IL and my mother and I are going to drive down and watch the eclipse at one of the wineries outside of Carbondale. We are going to leave around 5:30 as they are predicting traffic to be really bad.

  4. Natasha

    My kids are SOOO excited! Our library is giving out free eclipse glasses on the day, but in case we don’t make it in, I have some backup ideas. Hopefully this will be a memorable and safe experience!

  5. Tara

    It’s really exciting! I am bummed that the kids will be in school during the eclipse. My parents will watch it from the Grand Tetons!

    1. CupIsHalfFull Post author

      Maybe the school will help the kids watch this rare event? Wow, your parents will have a fantastic view!

  6. Skye

    Eclipse glasses are a great idea. You can also make a viewer…kind of like a pinhole camera…keeps kids with their back to the sun so they aren’t tempted to peek around their glasses! 😊


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