Pick Your Own Produce Adventure

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We had a spectacular family outing recently!

We discovered there are a few nearby pick your own farms. I’ve always wanted the children to experience picking their own fruit, and to see the orchards and fields dedicated to such a venture. The place we chose for a first try was Meadowlark Farm, near Rose Hill, Kansas.

kids peek through sign with giant fruit to pick

We went for peaches before the season ended, and found it was great timing! The trees were loaded, and testing juicy sweet peaches in the orchard was encouraged! YUMMY!

The deliciousness lasted only a couple short weeks in our house. Even that length of time was due to picking both ripe and almost-ripe fruit. We put the latter in the fridge to slow the aging process. If you really want to make them last, freezing peaches would make great cooking opportunities later.

The apples weren’t quite ready, but that did not stop us from walking down that area of the farm to check it out. We did manage to find a few great specimens there, thanks to the signs placed at exactly the right trees.

The owners were on site that day, which was a huge bonus. They are so knowledgeable and friendly, and the whole experience was even more amazing due to their information and tips.

The small store contains all kinds of farm refreshments and standing coolers with a variety of cold beverages. However, we went prepared for a hot day with our own drinks. Picnic tables are available if you want to bring your cooler, or just recuperate from a lot of walking on a hot day. There was also a playground for younger kids.  Speaking of “kids” …

two goats pushing heads through fence at food dispenser

These goats acted as though they were starving, trying to eat the paper sign on the food dispenser and my son’s loose shirt when he got too close.

What a day this was! A new adventure on the books and taking home goodies made our investment more than worthwhile!

When you’re ready to find a local pick your own farm, also called PYO or even U-pick, this site is a great resource: www.pickyourown.org.




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