How To Cook When You … Don’t

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How to cook when you’re just a baker? That is the question! I say “just” a baker not to diminish the awesome skills of bakers everywhere, but to distinguish the differences between the two abilities. (You should peek at a few cakes this fellow blogger rocks!)  Maybe not even ‘abilities’ as much as desire.

I can follow a recipe. I do not desire to cook too often, but my desire to bake is active 24/7.  I’ve tried to squelch that feeling in the interest of fashioning a healthier home environment.

Blueberries, anyone?

blueberry muffins on plate with fork


Don’t look at the peach cobbler on the stove.  Made with an entire box of cake mix and a lot of added brown sugar, it is not my fault. Sales on cake mixes + a super great family trip to a local pick-your-own produce orchard = cobbler.

My most amazing recent creation for a meal: Banana Dogs.


  • leftover whole wheat hot dog buns
  • bananas
  • peanut butter
  • honey

Voila! Cooking.

The honey makes it a little less dry, and honey has antibacterial properties. So it’s obviously a tremendously healthy lunch that’s easy on the wallet.  You could even use the savings to wrap your hands around this awesome mug as a reminder we’re not meant to be perfect.

I do in fact have a few things that I cook -for real, cook- that my family loves. They make me feel like I should be on all the reality cooking shows on TV just picking up the prizes like hot double chocolate chip cookies.

1. Meatloaf: plain, not too seasoned, just my style

2. Quiche: My mother lived in France for a bit before having children so… I’m probably near an expert level on that.

3. Sausage and kraut over mashed potatoes: If you don’t think putting cans of stench in a pan, ruining perfectly good sausage in the middle, is cooking, well, it’s a huge sacrifice at any rate. Days of lingering kraut-smell in my entire abode = small price to pay for Honey’s favorite dinner after a long day.

There’s the ticket then; how to cook: find just two or three things you can cook that those around you enjoy. You have just one?!? PRACTICE UNTIL YOU HAVE AT LEAST TWO! Then, make them if you know your favorite people have had a hard day, or are tired, or feeling down, or to celebrate. The rest of the time, if you throw random things on a plate and have some of the food groups covered (not the pyramid anymore, but My Plate) most of the time, you will remain a cooking rockstar to those that matter. 

pretzel chocolate marshmallow snack held in fingers

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