Tea Time Wreaths

Designs for All Occasions

WOW, this lady knows her stuff! In this featured business: Tea Time Wreaths, you’ll quickly see that Denise has spent countless hours in classes and research. She knows where to find all the best materials, how to design a wreath for any occasion, just how to make it stand out!

Do you know the benefits of a beautiful wreath to adorn your door?

Well let me share a few with you!

JOY. This is the joy you’ll feel every time you come home to see a spruced-up season-appropriate splash of color.

wreaths begin with mesh
This shows a small sampling of the incredible selection of colors used at Tea Time Wreaths.

NAVIGATION. This one is for all friends and family. Just tell them your place is the one with the [insert color here] wreath on the door! Even after your neighbors ask where you found your beautiful wreath and you send them to Tea Time Wreaths’ Etsy store, you can specify the color and special decor only found on your own fabulous wreath.

DOWNTIME. That’s right. When neighbors glance at your house while outdoors, their eyes will be drawn to the gorgeous adornment on the door, and away from the lawn past due for mowing … or untrimmed shrubs … or … you get the picture. Buy yourself a little time.

With custom orders, gift wrapping, and fast shipping available, you’ll want to hurry over to

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