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BeautyCounter Education by Jan

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BeautyCounter is More Than Skin Deep

Our next Passionate Promotion focuses on your opportunity to learn and love. Learn things about your beauty routine that are insightful, and backed by a ton of professional research by people who put their $ where their mouth is … and beauty products near their mouth they’re not afraid to ingest.  Love your products and be 100% confident in your beauty education and SKILLS!    Add to your beauty education by clicking HERE.

BeautyCounter salespeople encourage more beauty product regulation in Washington DC.

SINCERITY – This Lady.

A quote from Jan: “0.3% of cosmetics were inspected by the FDA last year. I don’t want to 😅 but let’s face it… that’s laughable. Would you like more safety and more guarantee for safety?? So would I. Let me know if I can help!! I have a great resource to share. Check your products for safety with an app called EWG Healthy Living.  More questions?? I can help!!”

I’ve been amazed at how enthusiastic and educated this lady has become about the health of all of us! Just because she’s naturally beautiful doesn’t mean you should discredit her knowledge and ability to help anyone and everyone!

For your one stop shopping for health and beauty, for the whole family, click over to BeautyCounter by Jan Hong!

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