The Dirt on Me

My name is Jennifer, so I share that trait with nearly 1.5 million people, just in the United States.  My passions, not in order of importance: chocolate, husband, children, genealogy, more family, helping others, road trips, and starting great big impressive projects.

[‘Helping others’ and ‘projects’ are combined in this cool conglomerate of businesses! Check out my page Featured Presentations!]

Finishing those projects is not really fun, so I often enlist my dear husband and children.  This still allows me to claim credit for initiation, and for the idea itself.

 The children in our mine-his-ours family range from adult down to a strong-willed preschooler.  Reading between the lines, you might infer from that statement that I have learned how to deal with life’s challenges with great patience and calm. You could be wrong.  Why let the kids have all the fun?

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