5 Reasons It’s OK to Show Only Your Highlight Reel

Do you get tired of seeing your friends’ highlight reel of amazing nights out, superbly talented, gorgeous children, and most adorable pets on social media?

Take a breather and see why they do it, and why you can feel OK doing it too.

1 You have something to feel good about.

Not everyone is having a fabulous day or a lucky streak or kids that stayed clean and smiled for the entire eight minute photo session. You did! It’s OK to be thrilled with that! Even if it was just two blissful minutes of a clean house before someone got home or woke up, it was great! Post with abandon, and give it another look when the stress sneaks back in.

2 All the public sees is a mess.

That’s not actually true, but it feels like it! Every single time you decide to brave the store with content children, you get blindsided! The food all around makes them (and you) suddenly realize you’re STARVING and want sustenance RIGHT NOW. Put the impulse buy back down, stick to your list, and think about that great shot your smartphone’s camera caught earlier. Sitting behind the wheel with all seat belts fastened is the finish line. Focus on getting there and posting that awesome pic!

3 Your social media friends are not family.

Do you really want your Facebook friends, that you really don’t know because all you have in common is a high school class or a month-long temp job, to know all the garbage you just call your mom or your bff for? You had to get up TWICE to change bed sheets when you tell everyone your child’s potty trained… because they are! What was that about?!! ┬áHaving a lice infestation isn’t something everyone gets excited to broadcast. Neither is being late to work because you accidentally shut off your alarm in your half-sleep. It’s OK to NOT post those things.

On the other hand, if you can make the best of a situation, share the entertainment! Example here: Skunk Drama.

4 Sharing frustration is humbling.

Your Pinterest fails may be funny next week, but today they just waste time, which is frustrating when you’re a little behind already.

5 It makes you feel good.

You are feeling positive about what you’re sharing, and probably smile a little when you post. Everyone needs another reason to smile!

Just like you, everyone has the downs along with the ups they post. Just keep the highlight reel real – you know – after all the choosing and filters and cropping and stuff.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons It’s OK to Show Only Your Highlight Reel

  1. Tricia Murdock

    I found a quote that I refer to when I see how others are doing in comparison to myself – “stop comparing your behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”. There is no requirement to post the down and dirty to everyone. Companies don’t often post their failures, they go through prototypes and trials and only post the best they can so why not you? Great motivation.

    1. CupIsHalfFull Post author

      That is a great point! The trials and errors of companies are shared by their team, just as we can share ours with our “team” of those we trust. Thanks for the analogy!

  2. InspiredJourney

    I agree.

    Sharing frustrations is okay. I do mostly through blogging my thoughts, rather than on social media, as I don’t vest much in social media beyond connecting with groups of interest.

    I completely read this post as a “hell yeah, don’t stuff your truth”. That, I can get behind. Fully!


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