Let Us Dig

We’re here to share the stories of everyday life as well as adventures of discovering our past. Every story is another building block in what makes our lives what they are today. Check out our Everyday Drama for funny stories, family adventures, and tips on dealing with a myriad of daily issues.

We love to take road trips large and small!

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Many of these trips will include a quick stop at a courthouse, library, or cemetery to fact-check and enhance our family tree records. This isn’t as mundane as it may sound. Sometimes the bits of information you discover make story time at the next family gathering a lot more exciting!

Would you like to have a little family chart to share with your children? Maybe you’d enjoy a scrapbook of memories! Are you a little hesitant to get started, or just plain out of time? Sign up for our updates, and you’ll be one of the first to know when our online store is open.

If you are eager to start digging up your past, stay tuned for resources, hints, and a little relief to see that your life, and the often surprising lives of your ancestors, are actually pretty normal.