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My new favorite bookstore!

Do You Like Helping Others?

His Way Books has come a long way in a short time, and the owners are passionate about helping their fellow humans! Look at this:

“…selling books locally at an affordable price to primarily help underpaid teachers and kids who otherwise couldn’t afford them.”

This includes teachers of any level and subject in public school, private school, and home school. It includes children of every age and ability. It doesn’t end there though; EVERYONE is welcome to grab a stack of fresh reads for rainy days, sitting by the pool, lounging on the sofa, or just hiding in the bathroom for an undisturbed, glorious five minutes … I mean, that can’t be just me … right?

They want to be the cheapest bookstore in the entire city of Wichita! Don’t let the word “cheap” fool you. Some of the most current and sought-after books appear on the shelves, just to fly out the door in the hands of a giddy book lover ready to curl up with a little snack and stay up too late reading.

Do You Like to go on Treasure Hunts?

You will find picture books up to enormous fine print reference books, and every genre in between! If you have a particular book in mind, definitely ask one of the guys or gals in charge. You’ll enjoy their never-knew-a-stranger approach and willingness to help.

Just look at what they helped us find:

The Secret Garden – hardback $2

Numbering the Stars – softback $1

Heroes of Olympus series #3, #4, #5 – all hardbacks $2 each

Those were for my middle school child; some from Mom’s required reading list, and some of his own choosing. Can you tell which is which? 😉

Do You Like Finding Bargains?

Maybe you saw that theme in my purchases. Not a single book is over $2! Soft covers are just $1! Many of them are less! Click here to check out their pricing page. If you have an early reader at home, treat yourself to a stack of new readers.

That’s right – treat Yourself. Yes, it may make your child smarter to hear and read the same words every day for 27 years. If your sanity starts to fade however, why not help yourself to a new round of tiny adventures while the others are “lost?!”  Those fun booklets are wrapped in bundles and priced much lower than $1 each.



Would you like to be a part of the premise of generosity upon which this business thrives? Drop off the books your house has grown out of! Make space! Apply these tips on How To Declutter to your bookshelf.

Whether you are passing by, visiting, or live in Wichita, Kansas, don’t miss the chance to score a handful, or carload (you know who you are), of new treasures at His Way Books!

So many treasures…


If you aren’t near Wichita, you can still find terrific books at a bargain through their Amazon store!