And Now….Our Featured Presentations!

This page contains affiliate links. 

The drama, and humor, in this one is that all the featured promotions will not always align with each other. They may even be directly competitive, or have argumentative viewpoints. That’s the beauty of it though… How cool is it that we can support different viewpoints respectfully, while holding strong to our own character and beliefs?

These Promotions will feature products and services that are fueled by Passion.  I have some pretty amazing friends and family that have found things they can Own and Enjoy that allows them to Give Back and be Passionate about what they share!


Feature 1: Pierce and Ivy

Feature 2: BeautyCounter by Jan



Would you like to be featured here (and Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter)?

You must be passionate about your business, enthusiastic even, and be the sole owner.  Then, share your story and photos so I can get to know you and your business.  If it fits our parameters we’ll give it the best spotlight possible through good communication of your goals.

New contacts: we’re running about 20 weeks out, so that gives you plenty of time to watch what is already in the works and work out the details for our joint future!