Do you need help editing?

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are noticeable.  (I’ve noticed.)

For some readers, editing mistakes make all the difference between continuing to read and leaving your site because their train of thought was thrown off.  When they have to stop to figure out what you meant to say – game over.

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but wouldn’t it feel great to know you had a few Less Errors? A few more people clicking on your links and Staying On Your Page a little longer?

I’m not a professional. (Feel free to point out errors if you find them in my own content!)  I just enjoy helping others, and typos “jump out at me” often.  Also, I grew up with an English major for a mother…  being corrected, then having to repeat the corrected phrase.  That is super fun. 

Here’s how to get started:

Leave the link of one post in the comments below.  It can be for you blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.  I’ll look it over and give only constructive feedback on grammar/spelling/punctuation potential changes you could make.  Turn around time depends on requests, but I’ll work hard to get to everyone quickly!


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