Skunk Drama

Well, the name says it all.  We finally fit puzzle pieces together last week when we realized we have a skunk den in our back yard.  A faint smell one day…  A skunk running (at least waddling quickly) under the bushes when I arrived home one evening…  A small skunk in the yard in broad daylight another day.

This afternoon topped it all off however.  I was having an emotional conversation with my three-year-old regarding whether or not she was going to unlock the door I had gone out of 30 seconds prior.  A familiar scuffling sounded nearby, as small things often get stuck down in our window wells.  Usually a toad, young rabbit, injured bird, or the like.  I glanced over the railing of the deck and saw: not just one, but two baby skunks stuck in the well next to a bedroom window.

My exaggerated sad faces through the pane of the sliding door finally enticed the young child to unlock it.  As I had one foot in the door however, it occurred to me that there was a brick conveniently sitting on the railing next to me…  I was inside with the door locked (because one was certain to jump 15 feet in the air and chase me, obviously) before the brick landed.

About five minutes later we were brave enough to go near the door again and peek, and sniff… nothing.  Downstairs to the window next the the well then… nothing.  In the next room to the other window that opens into the same well… nothing.  By this time I was irritated that we couldn’t see any proof of my bravery, and flooded with relief that we couldn’t smell any proof of my impulsiveness.

The ending is less exciting. Animal Control (bless them for generations) came and picked up the two babies not old enough to spray.  The kids had a great view of the scene through the window!

The not-so-anticlimactic part is that the mother and likely more babies are still residing in our back yard…. What would YOU do??  Let us know in the comments!



Last night’s ‘powder in the den entrance’ did not show signs of residents…We’re in the clear!

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