Drive-Through Drama

Here is a current example of our everyday drama.

  Today we stopped at a well-known fast food establishment to save our darlings.  Their cries of certain starvation meant we had neglected their dietary needs for …about two hours.

At our inquirty, the drive-through voice let us know multiple paper coupons were perfectly acceptable, so we ordered with abandon.  We intended to use four coupons in each of our two transactions.  At the window, we found an assistant manager had been sent to carefully manage the transactions.  He shared with us then that only two coupons total could be used.

 I walked calmly inside while my husband finished the drive-through purchases.

Their franchise logo and pictures of their signature menu names and items all over the coupons apparently startled the workers terribly, so the manager was ready for me at the counter.  She took one look at my coupons and said they would graciously allow one purchase, with one total coupon, then NEVER again would those coupons be accepted.


After enduring quite a lecture on the history of coupons, their purpose, and how a business is run, I handed the single item to my child who had appeared at my side.  Then I took my child and my pasted-on smile and tried to fly out the door before the the smoke dramatically poured out of my head.

What is your most memorable customer experience?  Vent, or gloat, to other readers in the comments below! Please stay on the family-rated side of language, no matter how awful the experience! (Yes, I had to work on that here.)

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  1. Oh, I do hate having to go thru a drive thru! But I know sometimes it is necessary, especially with little ones. The memory that sticks out for me was many years ago. My boyfriend and I went to a popular drive thru, ordered, and paid. We were asked to pull up from the window into the waiting zone since the drive thru was so busy. We obligized and waited. And waited. And waited. As my boyfriend was getting out to see what the problem was, the manager came over and told us that we were loitering and needed to leave! We explained that we haven’t gotten our food yet, but he didn’t even believe us! As he was fixing to call the cops, we showed him the receipt and finally got our food. Never been back there.

    • CupIsHalfFull says:

      Wow! That sounds terrible! Did you do anything further? I left a review on their website and spoke with a higher-up too!

  2. What is it about kids needing to eat every two hours anyway?! (2 hrs is actually a stretch, as you know). Good for you for using coupons (I’m rarely that organized), and sticking to your guns!

    • CupIsHalfFull says:

      It’s a rare day that we actually remember to use coupons at something like a drive-though. Here is my amazing efficiency/organization tip: pull up to your mailbox (nevermind that it’s just at the end of the driveway and saves an entire five steps), shuffle through mail to find coupons, then leave coupons in the car, hidden between the seat and console, until next Christmas. 😉

  3. Carla says:

    What is up with the coupon limit anyways, why print and send out coupons if you’re going to have all these reasons why people can’t redeem them. The purpose to get new customers, so when these new customers show up with these coupons maybe your should treat them well so they return.

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