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I’ve been writing a blog in my head for years, almost daily.  At random times of day, it occurs to me that my soap opera of a life could bring a little amusement to others…or great relief that their life isn’t quite as convoluted as it could be.

Inspiration to finally start this was a little overwhelming this morning as my thoughts went spinning with delight that I’m just one discussion post and one test away from ending another online college class.

I’ve promised hundreds of people that will equate to more time for them, but who am I kidding? One extra hour a day doesn’t mean I’m suddenly visiting with friends more, sending birthday cards on time (or at all), volunteering more at church, helping the tween more with homework, or planning an interactive lesson for the preK’er to take the place of the daily hour of screen time.  Ha!  That’s all on the social media highlights I like scrolling through when I should be planning a nice dinner meal for the fam. 



Cereal is the time-saving, kid-pleasing grab of choice when Mom’s had a busy day.  Feel free to flood the comments with your site addys all you healthy, organized parent tipsters that are aghast at my previous admission. Being a parent yourself is a must.  Hey, if I find one that suddenly “clicks” for our crew, I will gladly rave about it in an APB!  Don’t feel offended if you have awesome ideas and no children…one day, post-children, you will have moments of Marbles: Gone. All Of Them. …and you’ll get it.  Sometimes we just want to hear from others who’ve been there but somehow found their way back.

An awesome goal of this site, in addition to putting a little “real” out there, is finding dirt.  Not the actual dirt that I can see out back where a well-manicured lawn might someday be, but the true stories of our family trees.  Some branches have little surprises. 

Whether or not we feel like shouting our unearthed secrets to the world, it is nice to just fill in the gaps and have that sense of discovery, foundation, and connection.  Check back for details on what I can help YOU dig up!

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